Located in Hoyland where the borders of Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield meet, Whet Wellbeing offers therapies to the residents of South Yorkshire. And its proximity to M1 J36 means it is readily accessible to people coming from further afield.

Currently on offer

  • Life Coaching | Coaching for Wellbeing: Taking a holistic approach to your life, coaching for wellbeing is non-directive support and challenge to address issues affecting your health and happiness.
  • Therapeutic Counselling: Non-directive support to alleviate distress and gentle challenge to rebuild confidence and inner resources.
  • Blended Coach-Therapy: A blend of coaching and counselling to address development issues while at the same time attending sensitively to difficulties or trauma experienced in the past.
  • Executive Coaching: With the primary focus on work-related issues, executive coaching for professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners is non-directive support and challenge to address issues that are holding you back, such as development issues or relationships at work.
  • Mentoring for personal development: Intended to be a less formal approach to wellbeing, mentoring takes place over the longer term and combines the benefits of coaching with advice and guidance on developing the self using a wide variety of resources and techniques. This solution includes access to my not-insignificant personal wellbeing library.

I am currently developing opportunities for

  • Peer supervision groups: Strictly for qualified and practising counsellors and coaches, peer supervision compliments individual supervision and develops competency and awareness of own practice.